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1. Expert Keyword Research.

Every content strategy begins with keyword research, or a detailed understanding of what your customers are looking for within your industry. The tools we  allow us to determine which country your potential customers are coming from, and how many of them are interested in a particular topic or keyword so they can be targetted better.

Clever keyword research lets you quickly gain a foot through the door, in otherwise competitive search results.

Identify keyword opportunities your competition isn't targeting to rank better, faster.

2. Mapping Search Intent.

Once all relevant keywords have been picked, they are mapped according to their search intent on to a cocktail-glass or inverted funnel. Depending on which section of the glass they fall based on the search intent, the keywords can be grouped and segmented. While the broad end of the glass signifies awareness, the mid- end signifies research and comparision, while the bottom end signifies purchase intent and product advocacy.






Wine glass, wine glass rack, giant wine glass, how to hold wine glass, red wine glass...

Wine glass types, red vs white wine glass, Christmas wine glass, pino noir wine glass...

Wine glass price, crystal wine glass price, Ocean wine glass reviews, red wine glass price...

*The Content   Marketing Funnel

3. Editorial Strategy.

Finally, an editorial strategy is created with each group of intent-based keywords attributed to a unique content piece keeping in mind the target audience and personas, and search intent. Your editorial strategy includes detailed content themes, content briefs for each piece, and SEO-friendly titles and headlines for each article.

Go Big. Or Go Home.




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Great Web products deserve *scalable* content campaigns for exponential traction and user growth. Power your product business with a scalable content marketing strategy and get ready to capture your market online.

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E-commerce content strategies for sales

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Take advantage of *long tail keywords* and grow your users exponentially through search, irrespective of your niche. 

Sales, as they say, will follow the traction.

Kick Ass with Strategic



Our SaaS content strategies will spur user adoption and help increase discovery and conversions for both, B2B and B2C software.

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Brilliant Blog Strategies, *superfast* traction!

Your blog can drive your website serious growth through SEO.

We’ll bring the *intelligence and expertise* to show you how.

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SEO Content Strategies to dominate Google

Grab search traffic share with targeted SEO content strategies for your website and landing pages.

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You’ve got company.

AVP Marketing,

Fellocraft created a comprehensive content and editorial strategy for Quikr's Education product. We used Fellocraft's strategy right from pre-launch and we gained traction on search traffic thanks to their well thought out strategy. Kudos!

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Smita Kedia

Associate Vice President | Marketing

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    " Always, the proof of the pudding is in the eating " - Anonymous


    How many blog posts should be published in a month?

    Ideally, publishing 15 - 20 posts a month will lead to noteworthy and high-performace results on Search Engines. However, there is no set number of posts you *must* publish every month. The number can vary according to how aggressively you want to scale your marketing.

    How long should blog posts be to rank well?

    The average length of each blog post depends on your industry, but research shows that in a competetive industry, the top ranked results had about 2,000 words of content. This is because Google rewards sites with more detailed content- which is beneficial for the end user.

    Does Fellocraft provide unique, plagiarism-free blog content?

    Yes, Fellocraft's writers create 100% unique content for our customers. All our content is checked for plagiarism using premium plagiarism detection software such as Copyscape.

    How soon does Fellocraft's blog writing service provide traffic results?

    Fellocraft's blog writing services are designed tobring in as much traffic as possible from day 1. While new sites tend to start with less traffic initially, this significantly improves with regular publishing of blog content every month. For older sites, Fellocraft blog posts will easily outperform existing posts, by ranking higher on search engines.

    Which is the best CMS (content management system) for a blog?

    At Fellocraft, we recommend WordPress to be used as a blog CMS for the best possible results on search engines. WordPress has an ecosystem of plugins and support from the development community that is unparalleled, giving you great extended functionalities which improve your user experience and augment user growth. We are also comfortable working with any other CMS out there - no problem.


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